A unique and innovative children’s book.

Mr. Jim and Dr. Tim goal when writing this book is to engage, entertain and educate children on how important (and fun!) it is to try new things, like going to the dentist. They have performed this book for thousands of elementary school students and are proud to see a constant growing number of principals, teachers, librarians and public libraries that are permanently adding Mya Papaya to their collections. Mya Papaya is also currently nominated for an Author Academy Award!

Mya Papaya’s target audience is boys and girls ages 3 to 7 years old. Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth is the first in a series about a strong independent young girl who’s imagination, and friends, turn every new life experience into an unforgettable adventure. We wanted to take an innovative approach to children’s books by introducing each character individually followed by a question to engage the child with the reader. Then the adventure starts with a stronger relationship with each character!

Mya, who’s names stands for MAKE YOURSELF AWESOME, was inspired by the Wizard of Oz so the beginning of this story starts in black and white, then when she enters the dentist office for the first time, her world turns into vibrant colors.

We are also avid Chicago sports fans, so the characters are inspired by several teams. Cubbie the Bear (Cubs and Bears). Paxon the Pig (Bulls). Roenick (Ro) the Robot (Blackhawks). And the story is 34 pages long to honor Walter Payton.

This book lyrically rhymes to make it a fun and memorable read while children are sure to identify with these lovable characters.

This is the cover of Mya Papaya's very first book!